Tips for use

Caring for your Rattan Furniture

Although synthetic rattan furniture can be used outdoors, in different weather conditions such as rain, humidity and the sun the preservation and care of synthetic rattan furniture on a regular basis is important in prolonging its lifetime. Here are a few tips to help with this

- If you have to move the furniture it is recommended that you lift as opposed to dragging it to avoid causing loosening of the legs or damage to any welded joints as this could then lead to water penetration.
- If your synthetic rattan is not used for long periods of time and the climate is prone to strong sunlight and temperature fluctuations this can badly affect the longevity of the product.
- We recommend that when using your synthetic rattan furniture in areas of direct exposure to STRONG SUNLIGHT such as roof terraces or solariums that you endeavour to keep it covered where possible under the shade of a Toldos, Gazebo or other type of shade.

- We strongly advise that a good strong protective cover is bought to protect the furniture and when the furniture is not in use that the cover is used to protect the furniture from HARMFUL STRONG SUNLIGHT .
Siesta Group takes no responsibility for items damaged when not used correctly or for items left exposed for long periods of time in extreme weather.
Tips for Parasol Usage

Here are a few tips and suggestions to get the best use and life span from your parasol.

- Ensure the correct base weight is used for maximum stability.

- When opening the parasol ensure that the arms are not twisted by manually easing open ..

- To manually open the Parasol gently lift the edge of the Parasol and wind the opening arm slowly to take the cord tension, this will help avoid unnecessary wear and tear and help to avoid the cord from breaking.

- We strongly advise that you DO NOT open your parasol in windy conditions as this can result in the parasol being blown over resulting in un-repairable damage.

- Please keep your parasol closed at all times when not in use.

- DO NOT leave your parasol unattended where possible.
Siesta Group takes no responsibility for parasols damaged when not used correctly or for any wind damage.

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