Gem 340 Broil King BBQ Collection Barbecue in Alicante and Murcia Spain Economical and powerful, this steak sizzler features a 8.8 kW/h (30,000BTU), three Stainless Steel tube Burners, and when used in conjunction with Broil King's patented "Flav-R-Wave" cooking system delivers perfect heat distribution across the whole cooking area meaning perfect results even when cooked right on the edge of the bbq grate. Flav-R-Wave doubles as a shield that protects the burner underneath from fat drips while vaporising liquids and recycling the moisture and flavours back into the meat. The burner is controlled by "Linear Flow" valves which allow you to precisely control the temperature within the bbq. Although, upon first glance this is a small entry-level model, the Broil King Gem 340 barbecue shouldn't be overlooked if you are after a family gas barbecue with all the trimmings - particularly if space is an issue.

Gem 340

499,00 € Incl. 21% VAT

Category: Broil King -> Broil King BBQ Collection

Manufacturer: Siesta Furniture S.L.

Material: Barbecue

Dimensions: 122.5 x 53.4 x 108

Assembly required: Yes

Warranty period: 10 years on bowl and lid. - 5 years on Dual-Tube burner system - 2 Years on all remaining parts and paint

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