Lima Dining Chair Sunbrella Aluminium Collection Range in Alicante and Murcia Spain Sunbrella fabrics look and feel soft like everyday indoor textiles but their unique construction makes them almost indestructible and they will keep their colour for years. Unlike most cloth, Sunbrella fabric is made from fibres that are dyed before they are woven resulting in a deeper more resiliant colour. The Lima dining chairs are aluminium framed and complimented with a neutrel grey fabric. When you choose these chairs you are choosing outdoor furniture that will last for many years as Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to 98% of UV rays.

Lima Dining Chair

369,00 € Incl. 21% VAT

Category: Aluminium Collections -> Sunbrella Range

Manufacturer: Siesta Furniture S.L.

Material: Sunbrella

Dimensions: 63 x 60 x 80

Assembly required: No

Warranty period: 2 Years

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